Fast Paws Bengals

Adult/Kitten Sales Contract and Health Guarantee


This agreement is between Amanda Stewart  (Seller) of FastPaws Bengals and ________________________ (Buyers).  Effective  as of the date of signatures that appears below and is binding upon all parties  thereto.  Buyer and Seller agree to the below described cat/kitten and the  following terms. Description of Animal: TICA Registered Bengal Cat/kitten

This cat/kitten is for: (please check one below)



Registration Number: Pending 

Dam:________________________________ Sire:_________________________________________

Date of  Birth:__________________________ Description & Color_________________________ 

Male or  female:_________________________ Purchase Price :$________________  (price does not include shipping if  needed)                                                                              

If Buyer reports to Seller that  this kitten has died before being altered, Buyer must provide Seller with  written verification of death signed by licensed Veterinarian or be liable for  the additional price.  If cat/kitten is provided as a pet, Registration papers  will be sent with in fourteen (14) days of Seller's receipt of written  CERTIFICATION OF ALTERATION from a licensed Veterinarian.

Health Guarantee:
1 ) It is the buyer‘s responsibility  to have this Bengal examined by your own veterinarian (at Buyers expense) within  the first 72 hours from time of purchase (arrival) for your own satisfaction and  protection. If you have other cats , we also suggest you place the new arrival  in quarantine during this time and follow the advice of your own Veterinarian in  regard to the length of the quarantine period. You, or your Veterinarian, shall  report to the Seller any medical problem within the guarantee period. If the  cat/kitten is found to have a medical problem (within the 72-hour period only),  it must be reported to the Seller within twenty-four (24) hours of it's  discovery. Failure to make this report within this time frame will void this  warranty.
2 )No Guarantee against Coccidia or Giardia as the bacteria in water or stress  can cause them.
3 )  No guarantee against URI as it can be carried in on your clothing, shoes or  guest and is also stress related.
4) Because of the variety and quality of kitten foods available (and  all  feline illnesses are NOT covered by vaccination), we require that all  (FastPaws  Bengals) cat/kittens be kept on "Nu Vet Plus" feline supplements. This  nutritional supplement is only available through breeder or veterinarian   recommendation.  You will be instructed concerning this when you take  possession  of your cat/kitten.  You are expected to have this on hand before you  cat/kitten  leaves our home. The order line is 1-800-474-7044, your order code is  78144.  This health guarantee will be considered null and void if you do not  keep you  cat/kitten on this supplement.  (Just as we take daily supplements it's  important to your feline's health as  well).                                                                                                                                   5.) Buyer Accept that the seller  CAN NOT guarantee the changes of color, contrast, pattern, features, structure,  eye color, ears, tail, lockets, size or any other physical feature of the above  said kitten/cat as it develops.

6)  Buyer Accepts Seller is NOT responsible  for behavior of this cat or kitten.

  Please initial:   Seller   AS           Buyer  

Replacements and Expenses :

There shall be NO refunds of  purchase price, shipping charges or other costs. There shall be replacement of  the cat/kitten only under the circumstances provided below.

1) If the cat/kitten is found to be  in unsound health by a licensed Veterinarian within 72 hours, the cat/kitten  shall be returned to Seller and Buyer may request  a replacement with another  cat/kitten of equal value. Replacement will be made as soon as a suitable  replacement becomes available. A medical report signed by the examining  veterinarian must be provided to the seller prior to a replacement being made.   There shall be no replacement unless under the Heath Guarantee (with the 72  -hour period only except as stated below). The seller will not replace any cat  or kitten that has not received adequate and appropriate care from its new  owner.  There is no guarantees against FIP. It is the responsibility of the  purchaser to provide immediate veterinary care to any cat/kitten showing signs  of illness or distress and failure to do so will render any guarantee null and  void. Except the spay/neuter is in force no matter what the condition/problem.  By signing this contract, the Purchaser is also signing permission for their vet  to disclose all and any veterinary information on the cat or kitten and cats  living with said cat/kitten. If anyone makes claims regarding illness and or  problems, the Seller can ask which clinic and fax them a copy and gain access,  if need be.  All veterinary fees are the responsibility of the purchaser upon  the arrival of their kitten from the time of purchase.

2) Under no circumstance is a cat  or kitten to be destroyed prior to notification by the Buyer to the Seller.  Any  cat/kitten for which they Buyer expects replacement must be returned to the  Seller ( at the Buyer's expense) so that identity of the cat/kitten can be  verified, "Unsound  Health" shall be defined as any condition which is "life  threatening or incurable and shall not include curable conditions or infections  such as cold, virus, bacterial infections or skin rashes.

3) Should the cat/kitten die within  six (6) months from birth as a  direct result of an unknown congenital birth  defect, said cat/kitten will be replaced only if an appropriate autopsy is  performed by a licensed Veterinarian and a Veterinarian's certificate is  provided as proof of cause of death with in two weeks of death.  Trauma, abuse  or neglect will void the guarantee. The Buyer assumes responsibility of all  expenses incurred in relation  to the cat/kitten after said cat/kitten leaves  the possession of the Seller including all veterinary bills are the  responsibility of the buyer. If for any reason the cat/kitten is returned to the  Seller, Buyer agrees to pay all expenses, including shipping costs, mileage and  re-examination expense of Seller's Veterinarian. This examination will include a  complete 'viral panel' blood test for FELV, and FIV viruses. WARRANTY VOID IF  FIP/FELV VACCINES GIVEN. We do not recommend vaccinating this cat/kitten with  the FIP or FELV vaccines. These vaccines are not safe for this breed. In  particular, the FIP vaccine is not safe. Reference: Feline Infectious Diseased,  Chapter 7,page Fifty-four, (first column-last paragraph). Written by Niels C.  Pedersen, D.V.M Ph.D IF FIP AND FELV VACCINE IS GIVEN TO THE CAT/KITTEN AT ANY  TIME, THE ENTIRE HEALTH GUARANTEE BECOMES NULL AND VOID  EXCEPT     THE  SPAY/NEUTER IS IN FORCE NO MATTER WHAT THE CONDITION/PROBLEM.

4) We pride ourselves in raising  healthy, vaccinated, parasite-free kittens. Said cat/kitten leaves our cattery,  to the best of our knowledge, in healthy condition. However, in the event that  said cat/kitten should be diagnosed with a medical problem that can be cured,  this would not qualify for a replacement. Our breeding stock is tested negative  for FELV and FIV prior to entering our breeding program. 

Please initial:   Seller  AS           Buyer  

 Breeding Cats:
1 ) The seller does not guarantee fertility in this breeding animal.
2) Purchaser does understand that seller makes no guarantee about achieving  Championship titles
3 ) If purchasing a male/female breeder from FastPaws Bengals the male/female  must be neutered/spayed before placing him/her to a new home nor can the  male/female be leased out , traded, or given away to another breeder, person or  co-owned. He/she cannot leave the buyers cattery until neutered/spayed. (Buyer  must offer said cat to Seller 1st for at no cost except shipping expenses to the  Seller before spaying or neutering this kitten/cat.
4) Buyer agrees that no stud service will be done with male unless  written permission is received by the seller, Amanda Stewart her  signature._________________________________________________________Date:_______________________  

 5)The minimum housing requirement for a Breeder  is 4' by 6' ft. Under no circumstances may a Breeder be housed in a cage or in  any area under these dimension, as it's primary living quarters. 

6) Buyer agrees that all cost incurred from  breeding this animal are buyers sole responsibility.  Seller will not be held  responsible for any costs resulting from buyers decision to breed.

7) Seller will not be held responsible for the  loss of kitten, spread of disease or any other problem that may arise from  breeding this animal. Seller will offer guidance and support to the buyer at any  time requested.

8) Seller acknowledges and promises that this  cat and or it's offspring should not sold, resold or leased with anyone residing  in the state of Illinois  as a breeder.

9) This cat/kitten must be referred to at all  times by it's FULL REGISTERED name on websites and or social networks & any  advertising at all times.

  Please initial:   Seller   AS           Buyer  

Other Terms:
1 ) A deposit fee is placed  to hold a kitten for a buyer. At this time I am holding the kitten for you and  no one else can purchase this kitten. All holding fees (deposits) are  non-refundable. Once seller receives deposit buyer has 10 days to fill out &  sign and return contract to seller or forfeit deposit.  The goal of our Cattery is to place our cat/kitten in loving  homes in a timely manner so they may bond with their new family. If a cat/kitten  is held for a buyer, a change of mind can quite often jeopardize the chance for  that particular kitten to be placed in a home while he/she is still of a  desirable age. When the sale of the cat/kitten is consummated, the deposit shall  be applied toward the balance owing on the purchase price. The balance is due  prior to any shipping. I have received a deposit of $____________.
2 ) If purchased as a pet, purchaser agrees to neuter or spay this kitten  between the ages of 3 months and 6 months of age, (or within 30 days after  purchase if this is an unaltered adult cat), and agrees and guarantees that this  cat or kitten WILL NOT be used for stud service or breeding in any  fashion. Papers are held until kitten/cat is altered.  The spay/neuter certificate does need to include age ,weight, date of birth,  breed, color (ex brown, silver or snow) and description (ex. spotted or marble)  of cat/kitten or papers will  be held. If sold as pet and spay/neuter  certificate has not been received by 6 months of age or 30 days if cat/kitten is  over 6 months of age the undersigned buyer agrees that the seller has the right  to reclaim the above named cat without refund of purchase price and/or receive  additional $1500 as payment for breeding rights.
3 ) Under no circumstances will this cat or kitten be sold, leased or given away  to any pet store, research laboratory, shelter or similar facility, if Buyer  becomes unable, or no longer desires to care for this cat/kitten, Seller will  have the first option to have cat/kitten returned to Seller, at Buyers expense, for  resale by Seller. With NO REFUND to Buyer.

4.) This cat or kitten will be kept  indoors and not be allowed to roam freely outside.

5) Once you have decided on a  cat/kitten and  it is born it's  the Buyers responsibility to keep in contact  with the Seller at least 1-2 times per a week to ensure the best possible home  for the kitten. Two weeks with no contact with out prior arrangements voids this  entire contract and cat/kitten will be made available and Buyer understands that  at no time, for any reason will there be a monetary refund of any of the  purchase price. We strive to find the best homes for our cats/kittens and can  only do so by keeping in contact with buyer as a change in mind can jeopardize a  cat/kitten finding a home in a timely manner.

6.)Buyer agrees that deposits are  non -refundable. Should said cat/kitten become unfit for sale, the deposit will  be applied towards a cat/kitten of equal value as soon as one becomes available,  at the discretion of the Seller.

7.) Buyer understands the seller  will notify the buyer when the kitten is ready to go home normally 5-7 days  before hand for the pick up date. If Seller has to keep cat/ kitten past the  date given due to Buyers schedule etc the Buyer will pay an extra $15.00 a day  for boarding charges.

8.) Should FastPaws Bengals  dissolve or go out of business, this entire contract will be null and void  except the spay or neuter that will be enforced regardless. 

  Please initial:   Seller   AS           Buyer  

Advertising Rights:
1 ) Seller reserves the  right to use photos of cat/kitten sold to buyer in any/all advertising,  including web site advertising, in the promotion of FastPaws Bengals. Buyer  agrees to allow seller the right to use cat/kitten’s photographs or name in  future or existing advertising.

1 ) If Buyer or Seller commences  any legal action as a result of this contract, buyer agrees that the place of  venue for such action shall be the state of Illinois in Bureau County. Any legal  fees incurred in up holding this contract will be paid by the Purchaser.
This contract is legally binding to all parties involved, It applies only to the  buyer and seller named below and is not transferable to other parties. If the  buyer sells cat/kitten to a 3rd party, the health contract is Null  and Void, however, the Spay/Neuter agreement is still applicable.

                                 Please initial:   Seller  AS           Buyer  

Remaining Balance to be paid as follows:
$_______________  in  cash or  cashier's check or money order payable  to Amanda Stewart to be received by seller at time of pick up. Said kitten is to be in good health and free of any  contagious conditions, illness or parasites. 

  Buyer Print  Name:_________________________

  Buyer Signature:________________________

   Address   _____________________________


    Phone         _____________________________  




This is a full contract, all the  conditions are in writing and signed by seller and buyer and no other agreement  weather understood or verbal would apply.                                       


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